What does culture mean to Blue Door Realty?

Culture is the beating heart of Blue Door Realty. Many companies use the word "culture" as a buzz word,  but to us, our culture is an ethos to live and die by. 

We embrace each and every nuance of our agents' persona encouraging them to run toward the traits of their personality, do what they do best, show the world who they are, never hiding or feeling that they need to pretend to be, or do something that just doesn’t work for them. This "take me as I am" approach by definition breeds a more confident agent and we feel delivers a greater level of support and service to clients. 

We at Blue Door Realty, treat each other as family, when one wins we all win and when one loses, we circle the wagons to nurture, learn and grow, together. Yes we are deliberately different, not the norm, but that’s just how we like it!


We don’t just sell real estate; we deliver carefully crafted real estate services.

Blue Door Realty Group Inc., is a collaborative, energetic, and dynamic real estate brokerage designed for driven agents and brokers. We empower our group to grow their sphere, create a network and personal brand, allowing them to achieve more opportunities and lifelong success. 

We work with the latest technologies that make sense for us, our brand, and our clients.  With the democratization of technology it means that an independent boutique brokerage can have even better, more customized tools then a large franchise brokerage does. As a matter of fact, most national brands’ technology is watered down for general or mass consumption. Technology is no longer a differentiation in a real estate brokerage; culture is… but hey, we have both.

What you can expect at Blue Door

YOU are our client

We work with you to figure out what you need and how you can grow your business. Just like you work with your client to achieve their real estate goals, we work with you to achieve yours.

Management support

Our team knows that your business doesn’t operate Monday to Friday 9-5.  As management and leaders, it is our responsibility to support all aspects of our brand and business (YOU).  You should expect higher levels of commitment to you and someone who has your back when you need it.

Local brokerage, but global reach

We have developed a partner network which gives our agents and clients access to markets not just across Ontario, but across Canada, the US, Australasia, Europe and more.

Tools, process and support

We invest in the right tools, we create the right processes, and work with the right people and companies to support your business.

Selective recruitment practices

We are selective in who joins us and we are also not afraid to let an agent go. As a boutique brand, brand reputation matters. Our reputation as a whole is only as good as our worst agent. Agents who always have fires to put out are often the chief arsonist and that doesn’t fit in our culture.

Marketing assistance and training

We have crafted materials, templates, programs and initiatives and work with the best real estate marketing company on purpose...to support your marketing efforts and get the best exposure for our clients' homes.

What our team members say about us

"this f…ing broker has done more for me in two months then the last three brokerages I have worked with combined over a 7 year period"

"I've worked in several large brokerages and consistently felt lost and like I had no one to turn to. Working with Blue Door, I know that I have someone who I can call with whatever question I may have and that brings immense peace of mind. I can focus on my business and clients and know that someone is there for me. It's a much more personal approach."

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