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“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. —African Proverb 

Creating a successful real estate business that can withstand anything from sudden market changes to competition is not a matter of luck. It is the result of calculated actions done over a period of time. We help you get there. Our industry has its challenges and we want our agents to succeed, isn't this what a real estate brokerage should do? 

Where Top Agents are Made

The Blue Door Mentorship & Support programs use a framework designed to generate scalable business models for real estate agents, teams, offices. These programs look at four main pillars of your business and work with you to achieve success. Those are:

  • Your goal and objectives and how to achieve them
  • Who are you and what is your story.
  • Your market analysis, where should you focus your efforts as an agent?
  • Content and marketing strategies.

We perform demographic targeting, story reviews and refocusing, and work on your goals and priorities. These steps are created to assist you in differentiating and growing in a crowded real estate industry. We offer three options for mentorship with no up-front cost to you.


In person boot-camp to kick start your career and keep you accountable.  In the boot-camp we will cover:

  • Brokerage orientation
  • Marketing & Branding options
  • Personal 90 Day Plan
  • Training on Blue Door tools, systems, processes
  • Updated content based on industry changes

1 on 1 

This option provides a longer term relationship with a mentor for on-going business support.  

You will be paired with an expert agent or business leader who you will work with to grow your career. 

This is a great opportunity and option for agents who want additional accountability and more personalized support.

Remember, no one will do the work for you, but our mentors will hold you to account.

Mentorship & Coaching

In this program we expand on our mentor programs and help you get setup with one of our vetted coaches. This is designed to give you all the tools you need to succeed. 

Our coaches are third party coaches who specialize in real estate, story telling, and general business practices.

Remember all coaches are different, just like all agents, so we have a variety of professionals we work with to ensure you find the right fit for your personality.


What our team members say about us

"this f…ing broker has done more for me in two months then the last three brokerages I have worked with combined over a 7 year period"

"I've worked in several large brokerages and consistently felt lost and like I had no one to turn to. Working with Blue Door, I know that I have someone who I can call with whatever question I may have and that brings immense peace of mind. I can focus on my business and clients and know that someone is there for me. It's a much more personal approach."

Disclaimer: All results we discuss are not guaranteed. We offer resources, support and information that have proven results in the past, however, we cannot guarantee the same results consistently and to all agents. The information provided is only effective if the agent executes it correctly.

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