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Moving Out Cleaning Checklist


9 Cleaning Tips Before You Sell Your Toronto Home

Dimitri Kalkounis

After 19 years in corporate leadership roles, Dimitri transferred his business experience into creating a successful real estate company...

After 19 years in corporate leadership roles, Dimitri transferred his business experience into creating a successful real estate company...

Jun 8 3 minutes read

Moving out? Cleaning is an important part of that process! 

From ceiling fans to baseboards there is so much to clean when you’re moving out. We want to help make the process as easy as possible, so we made a checklist of everything you should keep in mind while cleaning. 

Just one less thing you need to keep track of!

1. Remove nails and cover up the holes

Hanging up pictures can make your home look and feel great but if you're moving out, make sure your walls don't look like Swiss cheese.

2. Spray and wipe the inside of the refrigerator

No one likes a dirty, stinky fridge and everyone opens up that fridge when looking at your home.  Some soap, water, baking soda and your fridge can look and smell great!

3. Dust cabinets and wipe them down

First impressions count and trust us when we say that people will look at your home inside and out.  If your home is clean, it's more likely someone walking into it will look at the home itself and where they can put their personal items vs. if it's dirty, they can't see past the dust on your bookshelf.

4. Thoroughly clean the stove, oven and cooktop

Your kitchen is the heart of the home, and believe you me, the future occupants will spend a lot of time in that room when looking at your home.  Ensure your kitchen is clean, and don't ever neglect the inside of your stove.

5. Spray and wipe down sinks

Not just your kitchen sink either, bathrooms are just as important!

6. Scrub showers and tubs

Do you want to move into a home that has a disgusting shower?  Dirty tiles and tub?  Lime and calcium all over the shower head?  Nope, I don't think so. Spend some time cleaning this area up, Scrubbing Bubbles works wonders!

7. Dust those ceiling fans

Can you imagine if they walk into your home, turn on the ceiling fan that hasn't moved in months and they are surprised with a cloud of dust?  Not the best first impression...

8. Wash the windows, and don't forget the window sills

Washing windows isn't fun, but on that bright and sunny day all those little imperfections will show through, so take the time to clean up the windows and surrounding areas.

9. Sweep, mop, vacuum floors and baseboards

Lastly, make sure your floors and baseboards look clean and dirty/debris free!

Need some help?  Looking for a recommendation for carpet cleaning, lawn care, a painter or anything in between? Email me here and we can help.

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