Mike Lind

Mike Lind, Real Estate Sales Representative

1-25 Hollinger Road, Toronto, ON M4B 3N4




When you are ready to trade up and finally make the leap and move your family to that better neighbourhood with a bigger house with a bedroom for each kid … a nicer kitchen and perhaps a bigger yard … there’s no room for error. So much is at stake. Your family’s comfort and safety is most important.

I know how frustrated you probably are. With limited amount of homes on the market to choose from, the painfully slow process of saving money for a down payment and, your own home; is it worth enough to allow you to move?

I’ve been there myself. I understand your frustration, and I care. I’ve had to move my family from the city, to the burbs, then back again in a four year span.

But, before I can tell you that story, I need to tell you my story…


I’m a rad dad with the best dad jokes and a family focused real estate agent. I not only make sure you find an awesome home, I make sure you have a great experience while buying that awesome home.

I’m calm, cool and collected, preaching patience. Buying a home is emotional and I keep your feelings in check, giving you all the information and details so you can make the best choice when it comes to buying a home.

I fancy myself a writer. I admire great style and design. And function. I’m a sucker for function. (Complete right brain/left brain mix…)

Most of all, I care about people who never settle with good enough. I left my home town of Oak Ridges, stopped in Richmond Hill to study web design and then onto Toronto where I always wanted to be.

One day I decided I wanted to teach English abroad, the next, I bumped into the woman of my dreams and tricked her into marrying me. Together we created three freakin’ amazing kids who constantly test their boundaries, our wits, yet always bring us love and awe.