Market Knowledge

We know our markets way beyond what houses sell for. Market knowledge comes from extensive experience and training. You can be assured that we're up to date about what's happening around the city and in your desired neighbourhood and how that can affect your lifestyle in your new home. We live and breathe real estate and have the insights to help you make the right decision.

Buyer Consult

We uncover all your needs to make sure we are finding you the best opportunities. We take the time to understand your lifestyle, needs and wants while going over all the details of buying. We'd rather ask 50 questions and show you 5 homes instead of the other way around.

Extended Network

With our extended industry knowledge, we have access to exclusive listings and many off market opportunities that just might be the right fit for you. We dedicate the time to make sure we are uncovering all the stones when finding the right property for you and we have strong referral networks across the country and the globe.

Team of Strong Partners

No one goes at it alone and in your buying journey you will need access to knowledgeable professionals to make sure you are protected and making the right decision. We have a team who services our clients and who we personally use for our real estate needs as well. From mortgage brokers to lawyers, inspectors, and interior designers, our vendors list is long and thoroughly tested.


It's no easy feat to buy in Toronto's market
- we have the champagne ready.


Blue Door Realty Group Inc., Brokerage

Blue Door Realty Group Inc., Brokerage

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