7 Reasons Why You’ll Love Selling With Us

Top Negotiators 

Our agents are heavily involved in their self-education, we provide the tools and resources for our team to be the best in the industry. We price it right because we have the market knowledge. We are top negotiators and have the stats to prove that our listings outsell our competition – ask us. 

Committed Listing Prep

Creating a home buying experience taken time and precise knowledge. We work closely with you to make sure we do all the necessary prep work for your listing to shine. 

Marketing Performance

5x the website hits

Our website averages 1,793 views for each of our listings. The same listings average 317 on Realtor.ca 


The average number of views per listing video.

2x the open rate

  • When sending out a new listing, the open rate industry benchmark is 1.7%.
  • When we send out your listing to our database, our open rate averages 3%.
  • Our leads are almost twice as eager, meaning you’re more likely to sell your home, and at a better price.


  • Less than one percent of our listed homes have not sold. You’re more than 99% certain to sell with us. 
  • When we say we are going to sell your home, we do it. And for the right price, I might add.

What does this all mean?

Our digital marketing is second to none in Toronto. More eyeballs create more leads, which creates more interest, which gets you a better price with a shorter time on the market. That’s how our marketing is deliberately different.

Social Media Reach 

Our advanced digital marketing reaches tens of thousands of people through our social media channels every week. Our average campaign ensures your home is seen by 12,000 to 25,000 targeted and relevant views.

Beautiful Photography & Video Marketing 

You only have a few seconds to capture the buyers’ attention and 96% of buyers search online. We create an online experience by hiring the best photography teams to make your listing stand out from the crowd. Our video marketing captures thousands of view online, we do our part to expose your listing to buyers who didn’t even know they are looking yet.

Our Team

Our agents know that they have a solid team to back them up from A to Z. With a dedicated management and support team, we work together to deliver exceptional results to our clients – every time. 

Still Open After Close

Before handing over the keys to the new homeowners, we will be ensuring your contracts are executed, working with your team to complete the transaction, and providing guidance and support to you in those last few days or weeks. As a valued client, you always have access to our team for questions, our network of trusted home service contractors, and access to our loyalty programs. We make client relations for life.  


Blue Door Realty Group Inc., Brokerage

Blue Door Realty Group Inc., Brokerage

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