Why Deliberately Different? This is a question I’ve been asked a lot since we started Blue Door. You hear lots of buzz terms in this industry, everyone uses the same words, phrases, and I’m sorry to say this; we are still an industry full of (for lack of a better term) sh*t. Yes, I’m saying that we have a lot of bad actors, a lot of self-serving people, a lot of brokerages that sell you the world and then are just like everyone else. The sad part is that as consumers and as agents, we seem to accept it versus trying to change it.

I never wanted to accept it; I am here to change it. To do better, to be better, to use common sense - yep, that still should be a thing. That’s why I chose to use Deliberately Different, because it really does encompass who we are and what we do here at Blue Door. If someone is deliberate in their actions, the things they do happen on purpose and not by chance, and do you really want someone representing you doing things by chance?

So, when Blue Door Realty says we guide and support our agents, our agents are guided and supported (ask them). When a Blue Door Realty agent says we are here to help our clients, clients over commissions, we will sacrifice money to do what's best for the client (ask them).

I chose this as our company motto, tag, slogan, whatever you want to call it, because making a difference in someone’s life is a big differentiator and doing so in our own way (deliberately) is way more impactful. Now there are definitely challenges for being who we are, but if it allows us to be better for our clients and our agents, not in just words or on a piece of paper but in real life, it just makes sense. 

When we decided to open Blue Door, I also wanted to ensure we had and continue to build upon real company culture. This culture (not events, or awards etc.) would define us. That and how we ensure whatever we do strategically as a company will go hand in hand and be at the forefront of who we are as a company and as agents. It’s not ok to just be different, you have to be strategic about it. It plays a role in everything we do, and every client we support. This is why our core values are things every agent in this office lives by and believes, and it shows in our work. You can see it for yourself just by reading the reviews and kind words past clients have left us. Every agent at Blue Door is customer-obsessed, here to do the right thing, is authentic, delivers wow, and builds trust with every relationship, which to me, is deliberately different.

It’s honestly not easy being us some days - it makes growth slower in terms of bringing more agents into the company. We aren’t flashy or claiming to be number 1, because to be frank, that is irrelevant and means nothing. At the end of the day, it's the right people, using the right tools, processes, and procedures, that can achieve way more in life. If that means we have to be different, that’s ok with me.