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Dimitri is the driving force behind Blue Door Realty, a real estate company that breaks away from the ordinary. With a comprehensive understanding of the real estate market, he proudly serves as the Owner, Founder, and Broker of Record. His mission is to elevate his client's real estate experience, guiding them towards a new standard in the industry.

After 19 years of working in corporate leadership roles, Dimitri leveraged his extensive business experience to establish Blue Door Realty. The company was born out of a vision, a belief that the industry can be revolutionized with a fresh and distinctive approach. Unlike cookie-cutter agencies, Blue Door Realty is committed to delivering an unparalleled experience, redefining the way real estate operates and offering a unique and personalized journey.

In its first year, Blue Door Realty Group ranked in the top 50% of brokerages in Toronto by transaction volume. Today, the company outperforms 85% of other real estate offices in the city, all with a fraction of the agents. The secret to their success is making sure people feel seen and heard. The team focuses on building relationships both internally as a team and with clients, always doing the right thing and never taking shortcuts or making ethical compromises to get ahead. The team is agile and responsive, always giving both agents and clients the upper hand.

Dimitri specializes in both residential and commercial real estate, catering to clients in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) as well as globally. Blue Door Realty offers a comprehensive range of services, including residential sales & leasing, commercial sales & leasing, and international relocation and vacation properties. Dimitri's expertise extends across these areas, supported by his certifications as a Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS) and his active role as a board member for FIABCI Canada.

Beyond the world of real estate, Dimitri has a passion for exploration. He has had the opportunity to visit over 265 cities in 24 countries across 5 continents. When he's not growing Blue Door Realty or advising new tech start-ups, he spends quality time with his wife and children. Dimitri also enjoys brewing craft beer, using quality ingredients, patience, and a touch of creativity to produce exceptional results.

Agent Spotlight

Why did you get into real estate and what did you do in your pre-real estate life?

Like many agents, I decided to get licensed as a result oof poor experiences, broken promises, and a general lack of effort on many agents' parts. Originally, I had no intentions of being a full-time realtor, but what started as a hobby organically grew and I was helping more and more people who didn't want to work with the "classic" realtor, and I  decided I wanted to do this as my career. We opened the brokerage a short while after as well, and the rest is history. Before real estate I spent close to 19 years in various I.T. roles, building some really cool things (that people still use today). 

What do you love most above what you do? What is the most rewarding thing about it? Etc.

I genuinely care about what I do, and I think that shows in my work and my clients' praises. What's most rewarding is a large majority of my clients have become friends!

What is the best advice someone gave you that you can share with other agents?

This isn't an easy career. It can be lonely, and it can be frustrating. Surround yourself with people who elevate you, help you grow, and help you become more in life. 

What is something you know now, that wish you knew when you first started your career in real estate? This could be a strategy, advice, anything.

This is a tough, tough industry and you deal with a lot of characters and personalities. Keep doing what you do, maintain your ethics and personal ethos, and in the long run you will have a great career while others may no be around.

Your best advice for a Toronto home buyer? OR Seller? OR both?

Interview your agent. Talk to them, ask questions, don't just hire someone based on seeing signs on a lawn or because your friend worked with them. You will be surprised that some of the top agents are top agents because some people take less time to pick their agent, than then they do picking what to watch on Netflix. 

Can you recall one of your proudest/most memorable moments as an agent?

I think just seeing clients become friends is huge to me. Building those relationships and being part of someone's life far after just helping them buy or sell a home. To me, that the ultimate, best thing that can happen.

Can you recall the strangest/most bizarre moments or stories in your time as an agent?

Ha-ha I can write a book! Let's see, walking into homes with residents engaged in "private" activities, viewing a home with 3 illegally made "sub-basements", seeing creepy, Chucky style dolls in cabinets, being attacked by a cat, having an owner greet us at the door to tell us NOT to take our shoes off, and then proceeding into the home only to see a stream of cockroaches running along the kitchen counter. Yes, I did burn my clothing that day!

Your favorite neighbourhood/s in the city and why?

Hard to list just one, but I can say top two. One, O'Connor/Parkview. Now
 maybe that's because I grew up here, and live, and work here! But in all seriousness, it's close to transit, there are amazing people, quick to downtown, you get a driveway, great schools, I can go on, and on. Two, would be Playter Estates. I love the old homes, the character, the walkability, all of it.

Your favorite restaurant, café or thing to do in the City?

Too many to list, because this city just has too many amazing options! But get in touch with me and I'm glad to point you in the right direction of whatever cuisine or coffee shop you're looking for.

Why did you choose Blue Door and how does BDR support your business?

I'm bias for obvious reasons.

What do you think sets this brokerage apart and how does that help your clients?

We are boutique and local, but have international reach. Our agents give a sh*t about their clients and do what's best for them, and it shows in our work. We have partner programs, discounts, etc., and not because it's catchy or looks good in our marketing materials, but because we are here to help guide, and support our clients now, and well into the future.

Anything else you’d like people to know about you? One interesting fact about you that you’d like to share?

I've had amazing opportunities in life, and a few took me around the world. To date, I've been to over 265 cities and towns, within 24 countries, across 5 continents. 

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