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Agent Spotlight

Why did you get into real estate and what did you do in your pre-real estate life?

I decided to get into real estate because it was something I was always really interested in, and I enjoy helping and guiding people. I previously worked in sales where client connection and interaction was extremely important, and I felt real real estate would be a good extension of that.  

What do you love most above what you do? What is the most rewarding thing about it? Etc.

I love that I get to help people with one of the biggest, and most important things they will do in life - whether it is buying or selling. It's a huge financial decision and building trust and relationships with people who chose to me assist them, is the most rewarding part of this.

What is the best advice someone gave you that you can share with other agents?

Best advice someone has given me, was to get out of my own head. To stop doubting myself and remember that I know my stuff and I care about people, and that alone, will set me apart from the rest.

Your best advice for a Toronto home buyer? OR Seller? OR both?

My best advice for a Toronto home buyer or seller is to interview multiple agents before deciding who to work with. It's important to not only pick someone that knows their stuff, but also someone you connect with, and that you feel cares about you and will do their best for you. Just because someone says they're a top agent, doesn't mean they're the best for the job.  

Can you recall one of your proudest/most memorable moments as an agent?

My proudest moment was pitching to a potential client and then getting the call that they had decided to go with my team. The other competing agent told them they would regret their decision, and that not all agents are the same. We ended up selling the house over asking on offer night, in a declining market where similar homes were sitting for weeks, being terminated and re-listed. It felt good to know that even when others tried to cast doubt on us, we were able to prove that it's true... not all agents are the same.

Your favorite neighbourhood/s in the city and why?

Favorite neighbourhood is East York! Born and raised in East York and it's where I chose to buy my first home and live. I'm a proud East Yorker, and I love my community.

Why did you choose Blue Door and how does BDR support your business?

I chose Blue Door because of the amount of support they offer agents. Not only do they help you learn and continue to grow through meeting and workshops, but they also invest a lot in promoting you, your individual brand, and your listings. They use the latest technology to get your listings the most exposure and help achieve top results for your clients.

What do you think sets this brokerage apart and how does that help your clients?

What sets Blue Door apart is the boutique vibe of the brokerage. Everyone is friendly and supportive, and they use their resources and connections to help one another. When everyone is on the same team, it ensures we lift one another up and get top results not only for ourselves, but most importantly our clients. 

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