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Agent Spotlight

Why did you get into real estate and what did you do in your pre-real estate life?

Before real estate I worked in advertising. It was a lot of fun and I go to go on many adventures, but I felt unfulfilled and wanted a change. I have always been interested in and followed the real estate market, and home décor and architecture are obsessions of mine. I  was looking for something where I could be creative, use my business skills and be my own boss. Real estate was just the perfect blend of all of my interests and skills. I'm so glad I made the change and never looked back! 

What do you love most above what you do? What is the most rewarding thing about it? Etc.

I love that everyday is different and that I get to form lasting relationships with so many people. When you're someone's realtor you get to know a lot about their lives. Sometimes you're a sounding board, sometimes a therapist, sometimes a shoulder to cry on, or someone to jump for joy with. It's so much more than, "Hey, let's sell your house".

What is the best advice someone gave you that you can share with other agents?

Although this business is really tough and only the strong survive, if you are goof at your job, continuously educate yourself and truly care about what you do, you'll be successful no matter what. 

What is something you know now, that wish you knew when you first started your career in real estate? This could be a strategy, advice, anything.

To trust myself and my abilities. When you're new and dealing with millions of other peoples' dollars, it's easy to second guess yourself and seek the advice of others. But this advice can be wrong. Always do the prep work yourself and trust your gut. You will be the best advocate for your clients and make the most informed decisions for them.

Your best advice for a Toronto home buyer? OR Seller? OR both?

Find a good Realtor. They are the key to your success, and you will 100% see their value throughout the process. Do your research, interview a few agents, and see who fits in with your wants and needs. Don't just hire your friend's, mother's, second cousin, or someone who "looks busy" on social media. Hire a professional who does this full time.

Your favorite neighbourhood/s in the city and why?

Toronto is filled with many amazing neighbourhoods that I love, but I'll go with my nostalgic choice; the Danforth/Greektown. Born and raised in the area, it's been my stomping ground since I was a child. Through the years I've seen it change and grow, evolving into a vibrant, multicultural neighbourhood for all to enjoy.

Why did you choose Blue Door and how does BDR support your business?

I chose Blue Door because of the company culture and the core values of the brokerage. There's no BS sales pitch to try and get you in the door. Everything that is promised to you is delivered. Our broker is supportive, knowledgeable, and not afraid to keep us accountable to ensure we're always at the top of our game. The boutique vibe really works for me. You see a lot of big brokerages where the environment is toxic, and everyone competes against each other. At Blue Door, it really is a team effort. We all help, support, and cheer each other on. You're also not one of a thousand agents left to fend for yourself. You get the help and support you need when you need it, and that's priceless. 

What do you think sets this brokerage apart and how does that help your clients?

I find that the boutique element of Blue Door really appeals to my clients. They like the tailor-made experience they receive. As a client you really get the whole brokerage working for you, which is uncommon in this industry.

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